How to Save on Costs and Promote Sustainability

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How to Save on Costs and Promote Sustainability

Save on Costs and Promote Sustainability in Australia

As a proud authority on waste management and environmental procedures, Wastech Engineering knows how to help your business navigate the path to sustainability. The great news is that this can be achieved at the same time as cutting costs. In fact, it can even open new and profitable revenue streams for many businesses. Read on to see how we can help your business.

How to be a Sustainable Business

A sustainable business is more than one which simply does a bit of recycling, although this is a good start. Ours is a holistic approach to doing our bit to create a circular economy. Wastech Engineering manufactures a large range of waste management and recycling equipment solutions. We then supply them and other recommended eco-friendly products to businesses across Australia. With the help of our equipment, these businesses compact, crush, sort and de-package materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We believe that businesses that adopt these methods are well on their way to becoming sustainable.

Savings Costs

While outlaying for the equipment may seem like a price to pay for sustainability, these costs will soon be covered. When waste materials like cardboard, plastic, e-waste and construction and demolition rubble are compacted and sorted, the benefits may be twofold where costs are concerned. Firstly, a reduction in cubic meterage results in less space taken up in warehouses and fewer pick-ups required to have it taken away. Secondly, machinery such as balers, shredders and crushing and screening equipment can treat your waste to see that it is fit to be sold as secondary raw materials in creating new products. This means that not only can our equipment save costs, but it can also create new revenue streams.

Sustainability/Environmental Laws

Both Federal and State governments in Australia have sustainability guidelines and environmental procedures that an increasing number of businesses are required to meet. Certain penalties and fines can be avoided by adhering to these guidelines. We can help. As these vary according to geographical location, we recommend getting in touch with us so that we can help you understand your requirements and stick to them. You may even find that there are subsidies or grants that can help you cover some of the initial costs, thereby helping you bring down your costs even sooner than you had hoped.

How to Promote Sustainable Consumption

Using purpose-built machinery or a custom-built recycling plant will help you promote sustainable consumption and save costs. At Wastech Engineering, we like to practice what we preach. While we take pride in facilitating sustainable solutions for businesses all over the country, we also apply those same principles to the manufacturing process of our products. All our equipment is fabricated using our own 85kw solar array using recycled materials where possible. Only in this way can we call ourselves a truly sustainable business. The great part is that this results in cost savings which we pass on to our customers to provide cost-effective solutions.

Want to know how to be a sustainable business? Looking for help dealing with sustainability/environmental laws? Wastech Engineering can help you reduce your small business environmental impact Ask how we can help you deal with Australian sustainability regulations. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to see how to promote sustainable consumption.

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