Turning Trash into Treasure: Industrial Waste Shredders Lead the Recycling Movement in Australia

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Turning Trash into Treasure: Industrial Waste Shredders Lead the Recycling Movement in Australia

September 25, 2023

Featured Image of McCloskey Environmental Shredders

McCloskey Environmental is one of the biggest names in recycling and waste management globally, which is why we are proud to be their exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Knowing where to buy an industrial waste shredder in Australia and specialist recycling solutions like trommels, stackers or screeners can be a daunting task, but gladly Wastech Engineering provides a one-stop-shop for heavy-duty products like these, and much more.

For nearly four decades, McCloskey has supported a myriad of business industries with achieving their waste management goals through their commitment to designing, manufacturing and delivering market-leading environmental equipment.

Keep reading to learn about the capabilities of the McCloskey shredder range, like its ESS 300 mobile shredder, as well as the company’s broader product offering available through our headquarters in Hallam, Victoria.

Factors Driving Demand for Specialist Industrial Recycling Equipment

The excessive recyclable waste volumes arriving at Australian transfer stations, council depots and landfill sites are placing unprecedented stress on our local waste managers.

Other sectors like industrial building and construction, landscaping and concreting, mining and other aggregate handling workforces are feeling the pinch of increased waste handling responsibilities too.

According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data, nationally we generate 75.8 million tonnes of waste yearly, and over half of this – 38.5 million tonnes – is suitable for recycling and funnelled to plants across the country.

While the items that can be recycled vary from council to council, generally speaking the pieces arriving at drop-off locations are also increasing in size.

Unfortunately, much of the current handling machinery like small mobile shredders are incapable of dealing with recyclable industrial waste including oversized timber and other green waste.

Effectively breaking down and handling recycled goods is a huge responsibility for waste managers, and if we are to meet our lofty sustainability objectives for years to come, more must be done now to update old systems that will ensure we can keep pace with these growing volumes.

Handling Solutions for Australia’s Growing Recycling Sector

An industrial waste shredder is the most efficient way of breaking down recycled materials before they take on a second life. When it comes to quality, performance and up-time, it is hard to compete with a McCloskey shredder.

Thanks to our partnership with McCloskey, the organisation’s entire range of mobile shredder units are available in Australia, which includes the best-in-class ESS 300 system – a versatile heavy-duty recycling solution suitable for use in virtually any location.

McCloskey’s ESS 300 primary shredder is the most versatile industrial waste shredder of its class, thanks to its four metre tracks that help it achieve superior manoeuvrability for its size.

Extending 15.64 metres when operating, which reduces to 9.94 metres during transportation, the shredder is available in two diesel-powered engine types – the Volvo D13 or CAT C15 – helping it achieve a 60 tonnes per hour production rate.

Unlike some other industrial waste shredder options, the McCloskey shredder’s bolt-on tooth cutting shaft design makes it capable of handling bulky materials like plastics, wood, tyres and other green waste.

Furthermore, any metals that find their way into the unit are separated shortly after the shredding process, thanks to the unit’s magnetic overband that filters metallic objects via its material discharge chute.

Other McCloskey Waste Handling Equipment Available at Wastech

Other state-of-the-art McCloskey Environmental waste management solutions exclusively available through Wastech include their extensive range of trommels, screeners and stackers.

One of the leading trommels on the market is the ET-620, which has been designed to meet the needs of plants dealing in wood waste, compost, as well as light construction and demolition waste. Its side-access interchangeable drum is easily removed and replaced, allowing for quick replacement that significantly reduces downtime.

McCloskey’s wide range of stackers, from its light-duty EC-50 through to the market-leading ERF-80R feeder stacker with 360-degree radial can also be purchased through Wastech Engineering.

We also have a selection of McCloskey screeners available through Wastech that are purpose built to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Our current range includes the ER-155, ER-230 and EDS-7000 – all of which are expertly crafted and trusted by waste handling and management facilities globally.

If you would like to enquire about the ESS 300 mobile shredder, other McCloskey shredder units, or a separate McCloskey Environmental waste management solution available through Wastech Engineering, please reach out to us at: info@wastech.com.au.

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