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Industries Benefitting from Eco Waste Management

Eco Waste Management in Australia

7 Industries Benefitting from Eco Waste Management

Wastech Engineering is proud to have helped businesses from varying industries with achieving their sustainability goals. As the push towards eco-friendliness continues, more and more businesses can benefit by lowering costs, meeting Federal and State government goals and even directly profiting from recycling. Here, we look at seven such industries with an eye on eco waste materials created by each.


Retail businesses tend to generate a lot of cardboard and plastic waste, in addition to general waste. Such businesses used to simply throw all their waste into large garbage bins to be trucked away to landfill. In recent times, the push towards sustainability has seen the retail industry begin to transform its habits. Plastic and cardboard balers and compactors are now used to reduce wastage and minimise disposal costs.


There is a wide array of equipment that helps mining businesses reduce waste materials and disposal costs. From shredders, balers and compactors to advanced crushing and screening equipment, there are many applications across most aspects of the industry.


Like retail, the hospitality industry tends to generate a lot of cardboard, plastic and general food waste. In addition to equipment related to recycling plastics and cardboard, glass crushers and general waste compactors serve to reduce disposal costs by reducing the number of bins required.

Councils and Municipalities

Councils and municipalities are perhaps under the most pressure from governments and environmental protection groups to maintain better sustainability practices. This is because there are so many ways to improve by enlisting the help of purpose-built recycling equipment such as ours. Everything from balers and compactors to screening equipment may be of benefit.


Health and healthcare businesses share many of the same recycling challenges as other industries in addition to a few which are unique. Large amounts of plastic and cardboard can be dealt with using vertical or horizontal balers along with shredders and compactors. Practices unique to the health industry are in the hygienic disposal of sensitive materials. We recommend getting in touch with us to talk about how we can help you with the correct disposal of such waste.

Construction and Demolition

Businesses undertaking civil infrastructure or development projects can benefit from a host of equipment designed for better disposal of building rubble and materials. Technologies applied to recycling have seen advances in sorting machines meaning repurposing materials is more viable now than ever before. It may also offer a new profitable stream of business.


Businesses manufacturing all sorts of products can benefit from using better recycling equipment in the pursuit of sustainability. Like many of the industries already mentioned, a purpose-built recycling plant is often the most effective long-term solution when costs are considered over a few years. Our equipment can deal with cardboard, plastic, glass, e-waste and more.

Let Wastech Engineering show you how to be an eco friendly waste management company in Australia with eco friendly waste management ideas! Learn more about eco waste materials and what you can do to maximise your sustainability practices. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to learn more!

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