Innovative Features of Fire Rover Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

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Innovative Features of Fire Rover Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

June 15, 2022

Features of Fire Rover Industrial Fire Suppression


When it comes to choosing the right fire suppression system for your industrial facility, few products can match the cutting-edge technology and comprehensive monitoring capabilities of the Fire Rover industrial fire detection and suppression system. Wastech Engineering is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Fire Rover in Australia and New Zealand, where facilities are protected from devastating fires using state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression technology. Read on to learn about the most innovative features of this highly rated industrial fire suppression system.


1) Military Grade Video Thermal Detection


The key to suppressing waste facility fires is to act instantly. With military grade thermal detection and high definition video cameras on board, the Fire Rover’s early detection system detects even slight increases in thermal activity. Unfortunately, many fires in industrial facilities are the result of arson, and high definition video recording of an event plays a significant role in case of an inquiry.



2) False Alarm Filtering Analytics


A system with highly sensitive thermal sensors needs highly trained staff to ensure that there are no false alarms which could lead to accidental discharge of firefighting agents and unnecessary monopolisation of local authorities. A sophisticated false alarm filtering protocol ensures that final verification of an emergency is carried out by trained professionals.


3) 24/7 Monitoring


Fire Rover prides itself on 24/7 monitoring of a location all year round. Daily system checks are performed to ensure that the system is ready to respond to an emergency. On-site preventative maintenance is a cornerstone of Fire Rover’s commitment to quality, which is why all repairs and replacements are part of the service contract. Real time monitoring allows for detailed reports to be created of any fire incident that occurs, no matter the time of day.


4) Precision Fire Suppression


The moment a temperature increase is detected in your facility, Fire Rover’s fire detection and suppression system delivers a large volume of fire suppression agent to the point where the heat increase was detected. Whether the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction, gas canister, lithium-ion battery, or chemicals, Fire Rover’s environmentally friendly firefighting encapsulating agent instantly cools the area and cuts oxygen supply to the fire. The technology’s aim is to put out a fire in its infancy and to eliminate all abnormal thermal signatures in the room, even if no flames are visible. This is extremely useful in facilities where lithium-ion batteries may experience thermal runaway which cannot be detected by traditional fire detection systems.


Early Detection Fire Suppression System in Melbourne


Industrial facilities must live with the danger of sudden fires which can be caused by a range of factors. At Wastech Engineering, we advise our clients to equip themselves with the means to combat any kind of fire by installing Fire Rover’s innovative fire detection and suppression technology. Contact us today for a consultation or call us on 1800 465 465 to learn more about industrial fire suppression solutions.

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