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August 9, 2019

Wastech Engineering has grown its range of waste and recycling equipment with the addition of new Turbo Separator models by leading UK brand, ATRITOR, becoming the exclusive representative for the company in Australia.

The Turbo Separator range comprises four models of recycling sorting machines and was developed and engineered to efficiently remove products from their packaging, ready for recycling or disposal. The equipment is ideal for separating out-of-date and mislabelled products from a wide variety of packaging including cans, plastic bottles and boxes.

Depending on the model selected, the Turbo Separator provides the flexibility to be used across a wide range of applications including separating paper from gypsum in plasterboard, removing organics from packaging in food waste and for separating general foodstuff from its packaging.

The technology combines centrifugal forces, self-generated airflow and mechanical processes to successfully remove up to 99 per cent of dry or liquid material from packaging, which can then be recycled or disposed of correctly to minimise landfill.

Along with achieving its impressive separation rate which is higher than other package separation methods, it also delivers many operational efficiencies – the Turbo Separator is also more cost effective to operate than competitors thanks to a lower power consumption.

For specifications and video, please click to the product page

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