Is it better to rent or buy a baler?

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Is it better to rent or buy a baler?

November 23, 2021

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Is it Better to Rent or Buy a Baler?

An on-site baler can efficiently manage your company’s waste management needs, no matter the production volume. When selecting a waste and recycling baler, however, you often have to evaluate several options to find the best ones for your company’s needs.

Wastech Engineering is a proud supplier of corporate waste management equipment in Australia and New Zealand. Horizontal and vertical waste and recycling balers are two of our most popular product categories for commercial and industrial applications.

Depending on your capital, intended frequency of use, the volume of waste and equipment management abilities, you can either rent or purchase a baler from us. If you know exactly what kind of waste and recycling baler you need, then purchasing might be the best option for you. However, renting a baler offers several intriguing advantages.

Maximise Your Investment

The key to a smart investment is maximising your ROI, and renting a baler protects you from resale risks. When you purchase a baler, the ROI ends as soon as money changes hands. Since machinery depreciates, you’ll never be able to sell your baler for more than you purchased it.

Access to the Latest Equipment

With Wastech Engineering’s flexible leases, you always have access to the latest waste management equipment. At the end of your lease, you have the option to upgrade, downgrade or switch to a new machine that better suits your needs.

Reduce Operational Risk

Renting a Wastech waste and recycling baler is safer and more reliable because our team handles all the maintenance for you. First, we deliver your baler to your worksite fully serviced, reducing operational risk. During your lease, if your baler malfunctions, we promptly service or replace it, minimally interrupting your operational efficiency.

Tax Advantages of Operational Leases

Renting equipment is a gift that keeps on giving. Did you know that your business can write off operating leases for tax purposes? The tax advantages of operating leases are especially significant for fixed assets that depreciate over long periods. The entire lease expense is tax-deductible.

Frequency of Use and Volume of Waste

Wastech Engineering has a vertical or horizontal waste baler to suit just about any frequency of use or volume of waste. From offices that require cardboard compactors to industrial businesses that need heavy-duty mixed waste baling, we can help you find the ideal waste and recycling baler.

Better yet, when you lease a baler, you can try a few different sizes, models and features to discover what’s most valuable to you. Perhaps you initially think you need maximum crushing power, but you discover that the baler is too loud to run during business hours. As long as you have a lease with flexible tenure, you swap your baler for a different baler designed for quiet operation.

Balers for Hire in Australia

Wastech Engineering has a variety of horizontal and vertical waste balers for hire in Australia. To discuss your waste management needs and find a baler for you, call us on 1800 465 465 or explore more on our website.

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