Pilot Crushtec: Crushing & Screening Equipment Enabling Smooth Aggregate Handling in Australia

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Pilot Crushtec: Crushing & Screening Equipment Enabling Smooth Aggregate Handling in Australia

December 18, 2023

Featured Image of a Pilot Crushtec Crusher for Crushing & Screening Equipment Enabling Smooth Aggregate Handling in Australia Post

Across specialist industries like quarrying, mining, recycling, infrastructure and construction, crushing and screening equipment has become an indispensable part of daily operations.

While it can seem straightforward, the effective handling of rock and other high-tensile aggregates is now a cornerstone for cost-effective outcomes across each of these sectors.

At the cutting edge of developing specialist crushing and mining equipment is Pilot Crushtech, a South African-based manufacturer that has developed a range of versatile solutions exclusively available in Australia through Wastech Engineering.

If you are looking to procure a new crusher or screener, or want to update your existing handling machinery, keep reading to learn how Pilot Crushtec’s leading range of equipment can help improve efficiencies and profitability for your business.

How Crushing & Screening Supports Different Industries

Fundamentally, crushing and screening plays a pivotal role in providing the raw materials needed for construction projects, as well as supports the circular economy when recycling infrastructure surplus as outdated projects are demolished – a sector handling 27 million tonnes of waste annually, according to the National Waste Report 2020.

From a resources-perspective, the national mineral mining industry – Australia’s most valuable export vertical – extends far beyond the conventional mineral extraction processes underpinned by a rock crusher machine.

Crushing is essential for preparing raw materials to meet specific size requirements, while screening equipment filters and segregates matter of different profiles – both of these roles are vital in the mining value chain.

The same principles for crushing and screening can be applied to general recycling. The latest insights from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that of the 75.8 million tonnes of waste produced nationally, over half of this (38.5 million tonnes) was sent to recycling plants where equipment like a modular crusher and screeners prepared materials for new purposes.

Breaking Down Material Handling Challenges for Australian Business

Pilot Crushtec provides operators with the muscle behind processes that involve breaking down and sorting large rocks and aggregates into more manageable sizes. This important task is the starting point for countless applications across diverse sectors.

Whether it is extracting valuable minerals from mines, repurposing materials in recycling plants, or preparing aggregates for construction at quarries, crushing equipment is the linchpin that transforms raw materials into valuable resources for operators of all sizes.

Horizontal vs. Vertical: Tailored Solutions for Varied Needs

Understanding the nuances of crushing equipment is crucial for businesses seeking the most efficient solutions. Horizontal and vertical crushers represent two distinct approaches, each with its advantages.

Horizontal crushers like the BR0605 Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher excel in high-capacity applications, offering consistent and even crushing, while being very simple to maintain for ongoing operations.

On the other hand, vertical processing units including the VS350 Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher specialise in shaping materials, making them ideal for tertiary and quaternary crushing applications where precise end-product specifications are needed.

Other Material Handling Units Available Through Wastech

Like any production line, crushing and screening equipment have their own specific place within the network of material handling chains, and Pilot Crushtec’s commitment to providing holistic solutions extends beyond just these product sets.

Their product range also includes screens, hoppers, feeders and conveyors, all of which are exclusively available across Australia through Wastech Engineering, and help form a seamless ecosystem for rock and aggregate handling.

Through providing customers with an end-to-end catalogue of Pilot Crushtec handling units, Wastech offers businesses across quarrying, mining, construction, recycling and infrastructure with all the necessary components to optimise their processes and achieve maximum efficiency.

For more information about these specialist equipment lines and their various capabilities, please follow the links below:

How to Enquire About Pilot Crushtec’s Range

For those seeking reliable and advanced material handling solutions, the Pilot Crushtec range available exclusively through Wastech Engineering caters to the full spectrum of requirements for quarrying, mining, construction, recycling and infrastructure applications.

If you would like to enquire about the Pilot Crushtec catalogue, or have a separate enquiry across our market-leading range of waste management solutions, please reach out to us at www.wastech.com.au/contact-us/.

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