Recycling Can Be Eco-Friendly and Profitable

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Recycling Can Be Eco-Friendly and Profitable

Planning Business Sustainability Strategies in Australia

For many, the main objective when planning business sustainability strategies is to become more eco-friendly. The conservation of natural resources and repurposing of existing materials is the basis of sustainability. However, with the help of Wastech Engineering, industries across Australia are now realising that the importance of sustainability in business extends beyond the basics. In most cases, recycling saves on costs but by utilising the latest methods and technologies, businesses can now turn their waste into direct profit.

Importance of Sustainability in Business

Ensuring your business functions in the best interests of the local and global environment is to the benefit of all concerned. Both the wider community and the economy is dependent on the planet remaining healthy. So, it only makes sense that, as industries continue to develop, technological advances be employed to ensure said industries can continue or at least adapt. This is the very nature of our business and why we continue to design, engineer and manufacture a range of equipment to aid recycling and sustainability.

Business Sustainability Strategies

Action from Federal and State governments have seen the imposition of carbon emission goals that must be met. This pressure has only increased in recent times. Australia’s Climate Change Bills mean an emissions reduction target of 43% and net zero emissions by 2050 is part of the country’s legislation. What this means for your business is dependent upon industry specifics. What may reasonably be assumed is that the avoidance of certain penalties and taxes can be facilitated with the use of adequate recycling equipment. Additionally, even something as simple as an eco-friendly baler can reduce your costs. Not only that, but recycling can actually turn a profit.

What Makes a Business Sustainable and Profitable?

When waste becomes landfill it is to the detriment of the environment. It could also be a missed opportunity for your business. If treated properly with balers or separation equipment, many typical waste materials can be reused as raw secondary materials to make new products. For example, compacted and shredded cardboard can be used to make new wood fibre products. The same can be said for other materials such as waste created by construction and demolition companies. Modern technological advances mean sorting equipment makes repurposing a lot more viable now than it has been in the past.

Get the Right Assistance

Many by-products are valuable secondary raw materials when treated properly with the correct equipment. With just a bit of market research and the right equipment, your business could realise a new revenue stream by focusing on sustainability practices. Of course, the recycling equipment required and the materials you will process will depend upon your specific industry. Get in touch with the professionals at Wastech Engineering and we can advise you of your options. We have helped a wide array of businesses across Australia and can customise a solution to suit your needs.

Wastech Engineering shows Australians what makes a business sustainable and profitable. If you’re interested in improving your business sustainability strategies, call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to learn how to improve sustainability in business today!

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