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Safety tips while operating Transfer trailers

October 20, 2021

Image of a waste compactor trailer manufactured by Wastech Engineering.

Safety Tips for Operating a Transfer Trailer

Transfer trailers play a crucial role in the waste management process by transporting large amounts of waste over long distances to landfills, recycling centres and hazardous waste facilities.

As with all commercial vehicles, operating a transfer trailer comes with a specific list of safety instructions. These safety precautions keep the driver and others on the road safe.

In case you need a review, Wastech Engineering created this list of safety tips for transfer trailer drivers.


Inspect the Vehicle Before You Drive

Your transfer trailer trip should always begin with a thorough inspection of the vehicle. This pre-trip inspection should only take 10-15 minutes, but it is critical to ensure that nothing is apparently wrong with the vehicle. Check that your tires are full, your lights and blinkers turn on, your brakes work and you have fluids in the engine.


Safety at the Waste Transfer Station

When you arrive with your trailer at the transfer station, you should carefully position the trailer at the weigh station. Be cautious of tight turns, equipment, debris, workers and other vehicles as you navigate the facility for unloading and loading.


Personal Protective Equipment

At the waste transfer station, you will likely be one of many transfer trailers. If at any point during the loading or unloading process you have to exit your cab, make sure you are wearing personal protective equipment like a hardhat and a brightly coloured vest. This will keep you safe from any debris that falls from the truck and ensure you are visible to other drivers.


The Tarping Process

Once your transfer trailer is loaded, you need to cover the top with a tarp before getting back on the road. Falls present one of the biggest dangers during the tarping process. Some waste transfer stations have tarping stations with elevated platforms to keep you safe. These platforms make the job much easier, but still, make sure that the surface is free from anything you could slip on.


Safety on the Road

The load you are carrying and road weather conditions impact the handling, steering, braking and balance of your transfer trailer. You should always:


  • Pay attention to road surface conditions. Go slowly or pull over if the road is unfit to drive.
  • Before you leave the transfer station, take note of your trailer’s centre of gravity and get used to accommodating it while you drive.
  • Enter curves, entrance ramps and exit ramps slowly. The speed limit signs are intended for cars, so it’s okay if you travel under the posted limit.


Remember, your safety precautions don’t end once you arrive at the landfill. You must carefully position the trailer on level ground and lock the tailgate before you begin unloading. An uneven or wet surface can cause your trailer to tip, putting everyone around you in danger.


Green Light for Safety

Keep these safety tips handy to stay safe while operating a transfer trailer. Exercising good judgement at the transfer station, on the road and at the landfill will keep transfer trailers rolling smoothly down Australia’s roads.


To learn more about safe and efficient waste transport and explore our range of transfer trailers, call Wastech Engineering on 1800 045 649.


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