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Types of Baler Machines

February 19, 2024

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Baler machines play a vital role in compressing and processing waste materials into dense, tight bales for easier logistics, storage, and further recycling. They come in various types, each tailored to specific needs in terms of appearance, application, and capacity.

Here are two types of balers:

  • Vertical Balers

    Vertical balers compress waste materials by applying vertical, downward force or pressure. Once the chamber reaches a certain level through manual feeding, a pneumatic or hydraulic-powered ram will move downward and process the waste. This type of baler is suitable for sites and locations that require a small floor area. Vertical balers can handle different types of materials, such as plastics, paper, corrugated cardboard, and textiles. This baler is the best partner for industries that process materials less frequently.

  • Horizontal Balers

    Horizontal balers can handle high volumes of waste and compress them into large bales. Unlike a vertical baler, this type of baler can be loaded and unloaded automatically, which makes it efficient and continuous. Waste materials are fed through the opening above the chamber or hopper and are ejected after reaching the specific requirements of the equipment. Horizontal balers can process different waste resources like paper and cardboard, textiles, plastics, and aluminium. This baler is suited for businesses that handle a high volume of waste daily.

Range of Baler Machines

Wastech Engineering offers a wide range of baler machines that are great options for your specific needs. We offer high-quality equipment like Bramidan Vertical Balers and Horizontal Balers.

  • Vertical Balers

    With a broad range of vertical balers, we provide an innovative solution for your waste management requirements. This type of baler reduces the space needed for storage, waste collection costs, and time spent on disposal. Our equipment is capable of handling waste from small retail outlets to large-scale waste transfer stations.

    • Small Vertical Balers (B3, B4, B5W, X10)
    • Medium Vertical Balers (B20, X25, X25 Galv, B30, X30)
    • Large Vertical Balers (B50, B30W, X50, X50 Galv)
    • Specialist Balers (DP16 Drum Press)
  • Horizontal Balers

    Our high-quality machines can tackle large waste volumes and easily compress waste into neat bales. This baler is an integral addition to retail, commercial, and industrial businesses because it saves them time and money. Our horizontal baler is compact but doesn’t compromise output or performance.

    • Horizontal Balers (CC20 and CC40)

Whether you’re deciding on what baler machine to use, Wastech Engineering is here to help you kick-start your waste management journey. With our partnered specialists, we deliver a wide range of innovative equipment and technological solutions for your specific needs.

Access more information about the different types of balers here: Vertical Balers

Call us on 1 800 465 465 or fill out this form for more information.

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