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Waste Fire Early Detection with Fire Rover

February 10, 2022

Modern Waste Fire Early Detection with Fire Rover


Severe fires are a constant threat in the waste management chain worldwide. At every step of the process, whether it is collection, transport, transfer hubs or landfills, the wide range of materials handled such as comingled recycling, electronic waste, solid waste etc means that the likelihood of a fire is always high. Waste fires pose a serious threat to people and the environment as they can get out of hand quickly and cause a lot of damage to the environment.


At Wastech Engineering, we have been providing waste management chains with high quality fire detection and suppression solutions using the innovative Fire Rover system. Read on to find out more.


Impact of Waste Fires


The economic and environmental impact of waste fires can be staggering. An out-of-control fire is costly to fight, releases a wide range of environmental toxins into the air and ground water and can result in death and injury. The cost of preventing a fire is always much lower than fighting a waste fire which is out of control. Waste fires can sometimes burn for days and even weeks, requiring hundreds of hours of firefighting expertise while causing major disruptions to working schedules, impact housing value and cost local authorities large amounts of money to control.


Why Choose Fire Rover?


The Fire Rover waste fire detection and suppression system is specially designed to guarantee early detection and suppression of a wide range of fires which could engulf a waste management facility.


Thorough Risk Assessment


The key benefit of a Fire Rover system is that a thorough risk assessment of your facility is carried out before installation to identify key fire hazards. Taking these into account, we then create a precise, personalised plan, tailor made for your location.


Early Detection


The Fire Rover system is well known for using high-tech, military grade thermal cameras and low light high-definition video cameras to automatically detect hotspots in your location. As soon as the waste fire detection system senses thermal activity, it sends information to a central monitoring centre for instant verification before taking action.


Fire Suppression System


The moment when the thermal cameras detect a change in temperature, and it is confirmed to be a fire, the system ejects an environmentally friendly encapsulating agent at the base of the fire which eliminates the flame before it can spread. Whether it is an electrical, oil, green waste or agricultural fire, Fire Rover delivers a firefighting agent at a volume which far exceeds local regulations, thus ensuring total effectiveness.


Advanced Waste Fire Detection and Suppression Systems in Australia


Fire Rover is monitoring your waste management facility 24/7 to spot any fire threats which could damage or destroy it. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with high quality waste fire detection and suppression solutions. Get in touch with Wastech Engineering for a consultation, call us on 1800 465 465 or find more information online.



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