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Wastech guide to bins & lifters

November 19, 2021

overfilled trash of large wheelie bins for rubbish, recycling and garden waste

Guide to Bins and Lifters for Your Waste Management Needs

Two vital components of any basic waste management setup are a bin and a lifter. Waste bins come in all shapes and sizes to hold your waste materials. Bin lifters are the mechanical elements that lift and invert the waste bins to dump the waste into a garbage truck or larger skip for storage.

You’ve most likely seen bin lifters, also known as bin tippers, as small components of larger machines, like garbage trucks. But did you know that standalone units exist too? Bin lifter units can streamline your on-site waste management process by providing an easier way to get the bulky waste into large receptacles. They also reduce manual handling risks and issues.

Wastech Engineering’s Bins and Lifters

Now that you understand the purposeful design of bin lifters, let’s move on to the practical application.

Wastech Engineering is the leading provider of bins and bin lifters in Australia and New Zealand. We specially design and manufacture a range of bins, skips and bin tippers to accommodate your company’s waste and recycling needs. Here’s an overview of some of the designs that streamline waste management on your worksite:

Open-Top Skips

No matter what your company requires, Wastech has an open-top skip for you. These waste receptacles are available in a range of dimensions, hook heights and rail widths.

Wastech Slimline Bin Lifter

To work alongside your skip bin for more effective waste management, Wastech also offers a range of bin lifters and tip bins. Depending on your needs, they can lift and tip from 80ltr up to 3,000 litres. Our bin lifters meet the highest safety standards, enclosed with a safety cage and fitted with a lockable access gate to comply with AS-4024 requirements.

Waste Bins

For every industry and waste type, Wastech has a bin to meet your disposal and storage needs.

  • Our Auger Skip Bin features a levelling screw, which allows for even distribution of waste over the length of the bin. This heavy-duty bin is ideal for co-mingled waste and recycling.
  • Our Compactor Bins are perfect for companies that produce large volumes of waste, as they crush and compact waste to create more space.

Wastech Engineering is ready to help you set up the perfect waste management system for your company. To learn more about bins and lifters, call us on 1800 465 465.

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