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Wastech S4000 Compactor | Australia’s Game-Changing Waste Compression Solution

December 4, 2023

Featured Image of a S4000 Stationary Compactor

The old adage of ‘having the right tool for the right job’ could not be more appropriate when it comes to the Australian waste management sector.

Nationally, we’re generating more waste than ever before, with the 2022 National Waste Report revealing that the average Australian is responsible for almost three-million tonnes (2.95t) of tossed out items each year.

There’s no denying the significance of this data, and that facilities across Australia are almost at breaking point as they face surging waste volumes, with these challenges set to be compounded by population growth and outdated processing equipment.

It’s an unrelenting challenge, but the solution lies in choosing the right compactor for the right job – like the game-changing Wastech S4000 compactor.

Australia’s Growing Waste Challenge

Capably handling the diverse waste streams varying in type and volume at transfer stations around Australia presents a formidable task for waste managers.

Such a wide breadth of waste is being dropped off for processing daily, with the most common items being awkward construction and building materials, bulky furniture and electronics.

Outdated processing equipment intensifies the daily strain in which hard-to-minimise items so often create, leading to increased operational costs and bottlenecks that decrease overall productivity. You can learn more about what happens at local transfer stations in this article.

In any waste management scenario, operators need a reliable, high-capacity solution that can adapt to the evolving requirements of different material processing, such as a mid-size stationary compactor like the Wastech S4000 compactor unit.

Why Choose the Wastech S4000 Compactor?

Since launching over 30-years ago, Wastech Engineering has become a pioneer in the waste management solutions field across Australia, manufacturing and distributing a specialist range of equipment suitable for all aspects of the waste and recycling spectrum.

The S4000 is a market-leading mid-size stationary compactor developed by Wastech, offering local waste managers, both in the private and public sectors, a versatile waste compression solution built tough for Australia’s harsh climate and ever-changing consumer goods market.

The S4000 is specifically designed to meet the demands of small and medium-sized waste management facilities, providing a virtually set-and-forget resource for council depots and other waste management facility operators from a compaction standpoint.

Key Features of the Wastech S4000 Compactor

There are several aspects of the S4000 that make it the market-leading mid-size compactor solution changing the game for Australian waste facility operators.

It boasts a through-put of 240-metres³ per hour and exceptional compaction ratio, which significantly reduces waste volume during operation. This not only optimises storage space for the operator, but also cuts down on the frequency of waste removal processes – directly translating to cost savings.

The Wastech S4000 compactor is constructed from high-tensile steel, making it able to withstand a high compression force that improves payloads, while the four-metre³ volume of its clear top opening chamber allows for large items to be processed effectively.

Unlike some other mid-size stationary compactors, the S4000 is compatible with all feed types including push pit, moving floor, conveyor and front-end loader for 31 – 60-metre³ containers and transfer trailers.

Injury prevention is a core part of the S4000’s design, with the unit equipped with several features like safety interlocks and easy-reach emergency stop buttons. When operating, the S4000 has a standalone hydraulic power pack and oil cooler, improving its versatility during use and helping ensure mechanical up-time and a longer service lifespan.

Wastech’s Comprehensive Range of Compaction Solutions

While the S4000 is a key player in Wastech’s range of compaction solutions, this mid-size stationary compactor is backed by a comprehensive range of other units in the S-family – giving customers an opportunity to acquire a compactor suited to their own unique needs.

With sweeping capability sets starting with the ST1000, designed for smaller facilities handing cardboard and general waste, through to the S8000 transfer station compactor (the largest compactor of its kind in Australia), the extensive Wastech range provides real-world solutions for waste managers of all sizes.

More information about the S-range of stationary compactor units can be found on our website (link here).

If you would like to enquire about the Wastech S4000 compactor, other Wastech Engineering compaction equipment, or have a separate enquiry across our market-leading range of waste management solutions, please reach out to us at www.wastech.com.au/contact-us/.

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