Ways Your Business Can Meet Sustainability Goals

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Ways Your Business Can Meet Sustainability Goals

Importance of Sustainability in Business

5 Ways Your Business Can Meet Sustainability Goals

Wastech Engineering understands the importance of sustainability in business is more relevant now than it ever has ever been. Firstly, there is increased pressure from Federal and State governments to meet certain sustainability goals. Equally, and perhaps even more importantly, many of these goals reflect consumer concerns.

5 Steps to Create a More Sustainable Business Strategy

The reset in thinking that Coronavirus has created has only augmented these concerns. According to Australian polls, a company’s sustainability practices are of growing interest in paying for goods and services. We understand the importance of sustainability in business and manufacture our equipment accordingly. Here, we offer 5 steps to create a more sustainable business strategy.

Think About What Makes a Business Sustainable

What makes a business sustainable? Is it simply the ability to recycle what is used? Or is it more than that? Recycling is a great first step for a few reasons. Recycling ensures the conservation of energy, the reduction of pollution and the preservation of increasingly scarce natural resources. In addition, there are other steps you can take to ensure your business operates with sustainability in mind.

Choose Your Business Partners Wisely

Most businesses rely upon each other in one way or another. Choosing business partners who share similar values where sustainability is concerned will go a long way to helping your business stays the course. Savvy, sustainability-minded consumers may pick up on practices used by the businesses you work with as well as your own.

Choose Eco-Friendly Equipment

To recycle and repurpose effectively, you will need the right equipment. This could come in the form of a small vertical baler with a tiny footprint, a specialised larger setup, or even a custom-built recycling plant. Whichever suits the needs of your business, the constants remain the same. All Wastech Engineering equipment is fabricated using recycled materials, where possible. This is in addition to being made using power generated from our own 85kw solar array. We believe that this is the only way to be truly sustainable. The bonus is that it helps bring our costs down which are then passed on to our customers.

Reuse Resources Where Possible

One small and easy way a business might ensure maximum sustainability is by reusing existing resources. An example of this might be using discarded off-cuts to make furniture in offices. It may appear inconsequential however, it will signal to clients and customers who visit your business that you are committed.

Consider De-Packaging

Generally, if something cannot be entirely recycled, it is deemed unrecyclable and added to a landfill. However, the recycling industry lends itself to the benefits of technological advances as well as any other. Therefore, equipment such as the Turbo Separator work to separate products from packaging simply and quickly, so that as much as possible may be repurposed. This is just one example of how our cutting-edge design, engineering and manufacturing are helping businesses of all sizes with their sustainability goals.

Let Wastech Engineering show you how to ensure sustainability of a business in Australia with a few simple business sustainability strategies. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to see how our equipment can help you reach your goals.

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