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What Is A Hook Lift Skip Bin?

January 22, 2024

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Waste management specialists have developed significant ways to help businesses improve their waste disposal and recycling. However, every industry has specific requirements for its day-to-day operations. This is why industries should consider engineered solutions and heavy-duty equipment like hook lift skip bins. Read more to understand what a hook lift skip bin is and see how you can maximise it for your daily activities.

What is a hook lift skip bin?

A hook lift skip bin is a type of skip bin that is loaded and unloaded on a truck using a hydraulic hoist system. This rectangular-shaped skip bin is larger than the standard marrel bin and has a rear opening door that allows the user to walk into the bin for easier manual pick-up and drop-off. This piece of equipment is more suitable for transporting heavy-duty projects and activities, such as major renovations, commercial buildings, manufacturing activities, industrial sectors, as well as construction and demolition projects.

What makes a hook lift skip bin different?

The main advantage of a hook lift skip bin is that it is designed to lift heavier and bulkier loads with ease. It also has a larger capacity than the standard marrel bins. Unlike other types of skip bins that carry much less waste, hook lift skip bins can transport more waste volume, which significantly reduces transportation and disposal costs.

How does the hook lift skip bin work?

A hook lift skip bin uses a simple hydraulic hoist system to lift one end of the body before loading and unloading onto the truck. The truck lifts the skip bin through the attached hook at the back of the bin—the docking point. The body’s front end is supported and assisted, which allows the rear of the bin to move easily without any difficulty. Hook lift bins also differ in size to accommodate specific requirements.

Who needs hook lift skip bins?

The hook lift skip bin is highly advantageous for industrial sites, large-scale commercial activities, and extensive projects. It is particularly effective in industries handling non-compactible waste materials, such as bulk items from construction or land clearance. The skip bin is also beneficial to businesses where large volumes of waste materials need to be disposed of or transported.

Why should you consider hook lift skip bins?

Apart from being a heavy-duty equipment, the hook lift skip bin offers many benefits that you can take advantage of, including:

  • Cost-efficiency. Hook lift skip bins provide significant cost savings by effectively transporting a considerable volume of bulk items in a single or minimal number of trips, in contrast to numerous separate trips.
  • Versatility. Hook lift skip bins have different sizes that can cater to every business-specific requirement. It’s also convenient to use because it has a door opening that allows the user to walk into the bin.
  • Safety. The hook lift skip bin utilises a hydraulic hoist system that can be operated by the driver within the cab and allowing the body to be rolled on and off the truck with ease.

Finally, a hook lift skip bin allows businesses to transport waste materials efficiently and conveniently without having to think about costs, safety, or reliability. With the help of Wastech Engineering, industries can guarantee maximum performance and great experience. We provide engineered solutions and heavy-duty equipment to help you achieve a sustainable waste management system.

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