What is a vertical baler and where is it used?

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What is a vertical baler and where is it used?

September 30, 2021

Vertical Balers and What They Do

In the world of waste management equipment, a vertical baler is one of the most common machines for small waste and recycling operations. These portable and versatile machines can handle a wide variety of waste materials and bale sizes.


Waste balers work by compressing waste material into bundles, otherwise referred to as bales. There are horizontal balers and vertical balers to suit different waste management needs. Vertical balers use a single ram to compact waste material from top to bottom. If your company produces a small to medium volume of waste, a vertical baler will likely satisfy your needs!


Vertical balers can handle a range of waste materials, including cardboard, plastic, e-waste and metals. Therefore, they are commonly used by industries that produce mixed waste, such as grocery stores, small recycling operations, scrap yards, retail outlets and more.


Considerations for Vertical Balers

If your company is interested in a vertical baler, you must consider several critical factors to determine what size of vertical baler you need.


  • Automatic Operation: Do you want your baler to automatically compact, or will you have a manual operator?
  • Noise Level: Is your baler near a client or customer-facing side of your business? You should ensure the noise doesn’t interfere with operations.
  • Cost: Vertical balers have a wide cost range. Wastech offers balers for hire or used equipment to help you save money.


Wastech’s Range of Vertical Balers in Australia

Wastech Engineering is Australia’s leading provider of corporate waste management equipment. We offer a wide range of vertical balers to accommodate all of our client’s needs. Let’s help you find a vertical baler!


First, you must decide whether you need a small, medium or large vertical baler. Consider how much space you need, what kinds of waste material you produce and how much crushing power it requires.


Now, let’s run through some of Wastech’s vertical baler models and discover what sets them apart.


Small Vertical Balers

  • B3 Baler: Cardboard and plastic baler. Ideal for offices, retail stores and more.
  • B4 Baler: Cardboard and plastic baler. Quiet operation and powerful press force.
  • B5W Baler: Ideal for small volumes of bulky cardboard, soft plastic and general waste.
  • X10 Baler: Cardboard and plastic baler designed for small spaces like offices and stores.


Medium Vertical Balers

  • B20 Baler: Flexible machine for large and small baling in retail stores and offices.
  • X25 Galv Baler: Heavy-duty baling in wet and demanding environments.
  • X25 Baler: Heavy-duty baling of crushed plastic or cardboard.
  • B30 Baler: Ideal for larger retail shops and businesses with bulky cardboard and plastic waste management needs.
  • X30 Baler: High capacity and strong press force for speedy waste management.


Large Vertical Balers

  • B50 Baler: Suitable for commercial and industrial waste streams that need high force compaction.
  • B30W Baler: Features extra-wide filling opening for bulky cardboard, plastic and general waste.
  • X50 Baler: Features cross cylinders that deliver high pressure and extremely stable compression.
  • X50 Galv Baler: Designed for heavy-duty compaction in demanding and wet environments.


Specialty Vertical Balers

  • PC24 Galv Baler: Ideal for commercial and industrial businesses with smaller recycling needs, such as breweries and bottling companies.
  • DP16 Drum Press: Designed for compression of steel drums.


Efficient Waste Management Solutions

No matter what your business needs, Wastech Engineering has a vertical baler solution for you. To learn more about our vertical baler range, call us on 1800 465 465 or explore more on our website.

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