When Should You Upgrade to Professional Waste Management?

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When Should You Upgrade to Professional Waste Management?

December 20, 2021

A women worker who manages the waste recycling facility.

Why Should You Upgrade to Professional Waste Management?

As populations grow and more waste ends up in landfills, it falls back on us to take responsibility for instituting better waste management practices. Proper and sustainable waste management reduces pollution, increases the consumption and production of reusable materials, and prevents our landfills from overfilling.

While waste management responsibility is critical for everyone, the importance of waste management at home often fails to resonate with companies. Businesses, however, produce far more waste than individuals and small families at home. So, when is a business ready to upgrade to professional waste management?

Importance of Waste Management in Business

Reducing, reusing and recycling your business’ waste lessens your expenditure and creates a more conscious company culture. Businesses of all kinds are some of the biggest producers of waste – paper and cardboard at offices, construction materials, hazardous waste at manufacturing plants, wood pallets at shipping facilities, and so on.

Businesses need proper waste management equipment to ensure all the different kinds of waste they produce are sorted and handled correctly. There’s no reason that an office building that produces tonnes of paper waste should send that waste to a landfill when it could be recycled instead. The City of Melbourne Waste Management Guidelines provide more information about waste transport for various materials.

Save Your Company Time and Money

Does your company generate large amounts of waste, continually fill the skip bins or frequently have to call a waste management company to pick up waste between scheduled days? Installing professional waste management equipment on-site saves your company time and money.

To reduce the volume of waste and frequency of hauling, your company can use a garbage compactor or waste baler. These machines crush and compact waste material to reduce the volume, making it easier and more affordable to store and transport.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to the environment, proper waste management might benefit your business too! Consumers want to do business with companies that share the same values as them. Since most people understand the importance of waste management at home, they’ll be more likely to work with your company if they see it’s taking action to promote sustainability.

Why is Correct Waste Management Important for COVID-19?

Proper waste management creates a safer work environment for employees and patrons. In the age of COVID-19, the importance of waste management in business has never been more critical. To reduce the risk of transmission, your business needs to understand how it will handle waste, especially hazardous waste and food waste.

How Can My Company Adopt Better Waste Management Practices?

If your company values sustainability and safety, upgrading your waste management system is a great way to turn those values into an actionable plan. Start by reviewing the City of Melbourne Waste Management Guidelines to learn how to handle the specific kind of waste your company produces.

Then, you can contact Wastech Engineering to learn more about waste and recycling equipment that works for your company. We work with businesses and governments of all sizes to supply technology-enabled waste and recycling equipment and services. We have a range of quality waste management equipment for hire and sale, including compactors, balers, bins, waste chute systems and more. Enquire about waste and recycling equipment by calling us on 1800 465 465 or find more information online.


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