Why a Baler is the Easiest Way to Go Eco-Friendly

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Why a Baler is the Easiest Way to Go Eco-Friendly

Image of a person using the X25 Medium Vertical Baler (Flap Door) by Bramidan

At Wastech Engineering, we know that sustainability is more than simply promoting recycling. For a business to become truly sustainable, it must adopt sustainable practices and an ethos that permeates every aspect of the business. That’s why we fabricate our own products using solar energy as part of a holistic approach to sustainability in pursuit of a circular economy. We also recognise that it’s best to start from the ground up for many businesses just getting started on their journey towards reducing their carbon footprint. An eco-friendly baler is the best place to start.

Balers for Sustainability

Most businesses that don’t currently have a baler are missing out on the easiest way to reduce their carbon footprint. Even an entry-level vertical baler can, not only reduce your impact on the environment but also reduce your running costs. Balers are most often used to compact general waste materials like cardboard and plastic. These just so happen to be the most common waste materials for a lot of businesses.

When a small or medium-sized business is charged for bins that are taken away by trucks, they are typically charged by the container. This is the case whether they are full or not. With an eco-friendly baler, the cubic meterage of your waste is substantially reduced so that fewer loads are required. It also means that the waste will take up less space in a warehouse while waiting to be removed.

Why Your Business Should Be Promoting Recycling

While the start-up cost of buying a baler may seem like an unwanted expense, it won’t take long before it has paid for itself in cost reduction. In addition, you’ll be doing your bit to promote recycling in adherence to Federal or State government sustainability goals. You may even find that there are certain subsidies or grants available to your business.

Cost savings aside, balers, shredders, garbage compactors and other specialised recycling equipment facilitate the repurposing of waste materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. In many instances, these materials may be sold as raw secondary materials in fabricating new ones. An example of this may be reusing cardboard in making wood fibre products. Aluminium, e-waste and construction and demolition materials can all be sold as secondary materials.

Ask for Advice

It is for the above reasons that beginning your journey towards sustainability is a multi-faceted and positive venture. We recommend getting in touch with us so we can advise on which equipment will help you best achieve your recycling and sustainability goals.

Through decades of researching, designing, engineering and fabricating state-of-the-art equipment, we are proud to call ourselves an authority in waste management. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes and remain committed to doing so in the most modern and cost-effective ways.

Wastech Engineering leads the way for Australian businesses in reducing carbon footprint. See why an eco-friendly baler is the first step to sustainability for your business. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to see how to use balers for sustainability!

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