Wood, Timber, Pallet Waste

Wood, Timber, Pallet Waste

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Wood, Timber, Pallet Waste

Optimizing the utilization of wood wastes with cost-efficient and economic solutions

Wood waste often comes from discarded wood, pallet waste, and C&D timber waste. Favourably, wood debris and timber scraps from industrial settings and urban areas have significant importance in contributing to the circular economy.

By transforming these resource materials into more sustainable usage, waste wood management leads to energy conservation, landfill waste reduction, and environmental enhancement.

Wastech guarantees an extensive range of equipment with maximum performance and full efficiency.

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Heavy-duty industrial shredders for a wide range of materials: plastic, wood/timber, aluminium, copper, paper and cardboard, textiles, and municipal waste.


Fire suppression system for Australia & NZ. Detect & extinguish fires before they start. Protect your assets with military grade thermal sensor & HD video with human verification and intervention.

Timber_Pallet_Crusher_Image_1 (1)

The Presto Timber Crusher, pre-treats wooden pallets for volume reduction and easy compaction delivering over 6.5 tonnes into a standard 31m3 bin.


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