Baler Strapping Tape / Twine

Wastech stock a range of different size and strength Baling Tape. Suitable for most balers, this european designed Bale Tape is strong, easy to tie and doe not untie due to it’s unique coating.

Baler Strapping Tape

Bale Strapping Tape / Twine Rack

Looking for a way to organise your bale tape? Why not try Wastech’s Bale Tape Rack. This simple design will hold up to 4 rolls of bale tape at once.

Recycle Rack

Wastech Recycle Racks can be used to collect and segregate different fractions of soft plastic waste. Their compact design and special shape makes it easy to compress 10 to 12 kg of plastic waste in each bag, before the bag needs to be changed.

Should you have larger quantities of plastic waste, which can be collected from different locations in the company, the plastic bags can be compressed even further in a bale press.