Moving Floors

Moving Floors

Moving floors are an efficient and cost effective means of moving large volumes of waste in receival pits.

Moving floors are designed to replace the outdated and often dangerous means of moving product in a pit via push blade, dozer or front end loader.

Wastech Moving Floors are hydraulically powered via a 30kW power pack and floor speeds can be varied to suits high throughputs during peak loading periods.

  • Fast & efficient means of moving waste along a receival pit
  • Ability to handle large volumes during peak periods
  • Opportunity for resource recovery in shallow pits
  • Significantly reduce safety issues, operational costs and vehicle queuing time.

100% Leak Proof Pits

  • Deep Pits – High throughput and storabe up to 1200t + per day
  • Shallow Pits – Medium to high throughput from 20-500t + per day
  • Ground Level Pits – Low volumes and minimal storage installed into existing structure
  • Combination Pits – Of the above to suit mixed waste streams and complex sites