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Our story

Founded in 1993 by brothers Neil and Paul Bone, we have grown to become an award-winning Australian manufacturing and engineering company at the cutting-edge of innovation and committed to supporting the waste management and resource recovery sector.

With a laser-like focus on solving our customers’ problems through high quality design and manufacturing we now offer end-to-end services in all states and territories in Australia and have an expanding presence in New Zealand.

Today we have more than 100 employees across Australia, but we’ve also remained local with our Hallam, Victoria headquarters also acting as Wastech’s main manufacturing site.

Working towards a circular economy

A shared principle among our people and leaders is the need for action when it comes to environmental sustainability. It’s constantly front of mind for us as we go about designing and engineering solutions for our customers.

Our machines and equipment sort and process recyclable materials using some of the most effective and efficient techniques to produce a commodity that competes with raw material extracted from our planet. We are committed to continuously developing our waste management and resource recovery solutions in an effort to be a major contributor to the nation’s circular economy.

Circular Economy for Recycling, Manufacturing, Consumption & Use

In late 2019, we brought on a strategic equity investment partner in Armitage Associates to reaffirm the business and support our growth. Armitage Associates is a growth equity firm established with the support of the Melbourne-based Schwartz family. Armitage’s investments focus on providing capital and management support to small and medium sized family businesses in Australia.