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MRF Recycling Solutions in Australia and New Zealand

How can we ensure that all our recyclable materials are sorted in the appropriate commodity types and processed accordingly? That’s the role of a material recovery facility. Wastech Engineering designs Material Recovery Facilities in Australia and New Zealand. Read below to discover more information about MRFs and how your business can get involved to make a difference.

What is a Material Recovery Facility?

A material recovery facility, or MRF, is a specialised waste management plant that receives, sorts and prepares recyclable materials for re-manufacturer. At a MRF, a combination of manual, mechanical and optical sorting is used to ensure as many reusable and recyclable materials are recovered as possible.

How Does an MRF Work for Recycling?

After collection trucks pick up your comingled waste, they drive to a Material Recovery Facility. They dump the waste materials onto the tipping floor, and it travels through conveyor belts into the pre-sorting area. Workers separate materials that are not recyclable, hazardous materials, and materials that pose a threat to machinery. From there, the waste continues travelling through various conveyor belts as our cutting-edge waste management screens and optical sorting units sort the recyclable materials into their various different commodity groups. At the end of the process, the residual waste material is sent to landfill and the recyclables to the appropriate re-manufacturing centres.

Leading MRF Provider in Australia and New Zealand

Why should your company work with Wastech Engineering to build your material recovery facility? Wastech provides end-to-end solutions for all your sorting needs, from full system design and installation to improving and retrofitting current systems.

Catering for all product types and volumes, Wastech will work with you to design an efficient and cost effective system that meets your requirements on all levels. From manual picking lines to fully automated systems, Wastech will get your product sorted.

To enquire about how Wastech Engineering can work with you to design a cost effective system to suit your site specific needs, please contact us on 1800 465 465 or