What is a Baler Machine?

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What is a Baler Machine?

February 5, 2024

Cost-efficiency and sustainability are key considerations for businesses navigating waste management solutions. Enter baler machines – an invaluable asset grappling with substantial waste volumes. But what exactly are baler machines and how can industries largely benefit from the efficient performance and features of balers. Let’s explore how a baler machine works and how it can help in your waste management approach.

What is a baler machine?

A baler machine is a specialized waste recycling equipment designed to compress waste materials into tight, dense, rectangular bales that can be stored, transported, processed, or recycled. The machine also uses baler strapping tapes or twines to hold the compacted waste together. Baler machines are also versatile to handle diverse waste types transforming them into varying sizes and configurations.

How do balers work?

The baler machine works in a simple yet effective way. Waste materials, such as paper and cardboard, packaging waste, aluminium, and plastic products, are loaded into the baler chamber for compression. Then, the mechanism allows the platen at the end of the hydraulic cylinder to compress the waste into a bale. Once a specific bale size or bale weight is reached, it is tied off using baler twines or strapping tapes and ejected from the baler machine.

Who should use a baler?

Baler machines can significantly help businesses and facilities operate more efficiently and effectively by freeing up valuable space and reducing costs. Industries that produce substantial amounts of waste materials can benefit from this equipment, including, but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Distribution centres
  • Recycling and transfer stations
  • Retail industries
  • Hospitality sector

Why use a baler machine?

Beyond mere convenience, baler machines offer advantages that businesses and industries should consider. The equipment can help with various waste streams, thus making it a perfect partner for your specific requirements. These advantages include:

  • Reduces volume and saves space. Baler machines compress waste resources into a tight, dense bale, which significantly reduces volume and space requirements for storage. This leads to more efficient use of valuable spaces.
  • Lowers overall costs. Because of the bale size, logistics and disposal are less costly for businesses. Baler machines add to the positive impact on the company’s revenue and operating costs.
  • Efficient performance and experience. A baler is an efficient option for waste management because it can help sort different waste streams, which improves the recycling rate. Additionally, there’s also a baler feature that can help enhance the customer experience, like Bramidan Baler’s BRA-IN Monitoring System.

Wastech Engineering works in collaboration with Bramidan Group to deliver cost-efficient and sustainable waste management equipment like Balers to the market. Our range of baling equipment offers maximum performance without sacrificing efficiency or safety:

X25 Baler

The X25 medium vertical baler is the best option for large demands. It is equipped with cross cylinders which ensures stable compression and superior press force. This baler has a low overall height, but also has a high bale weight. Businesses can experience X25 features like:

  • Noiseless operation due to its unique hydraulic system.
  • Steady door opening using a strong threaded spindle.
  • Easy installation and safe two-hand operation.

Planning to Buy or Rent a Baler?

Apart from X25 series, Wastech Engineering offers a variety of small, medium, large, and specialist vertical balers that you can consider. Whether you are planning to buy or rent a baler, we can help recommend the right equipment for you. Consult with our team of specialists and start your waste management journey with us.

Learn more about Wastech range of vertical balers here: Vertical Balers

Access this link to see how our baler machine works: Baler Demonstration

Call 1 800 465 465 or fill out this form to learn more about our Bramidan Balers.

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