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Refining an innovative and cost-efficient glass waste management solution

Glass materials are used daily across households, retail, and hospitality sectors. These products have potential for recycling. However, improper disposal of these resources could pose environmental risks.

Adopting efficient and innovative equipment can greatly enhance glass waste management. This way, it can also resolve the problems of handling hazardous glass rubbish, recycling broken and damaged goods, and disposal costs.

Wastech provides a range of glass waste management solutions and equipment to meet your unique needs.

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Optical Sorting Technology - CIRRUS FiberMAX

Whether you are a processor and recycle of single-commodities such as plastics, paper, glass, wood, metals, and electronic scrap or if you are an operator of a facility for mixed materials such as single-stream, dual-stream, C&D, C&I, MSW, RDF, etc., Wastech has the solution for you, automatically!

cp lightsout air separator

Cost-effective separation of light material from glass. LightsOut™ delivers maximum separation efficiency and processes high volumes of virtually any material. It requires no regular maintenance and no bag house.


Waste screening, separation and sorting equipment designed for optimal performance and low maintenance.


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