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5 Environmental Considerations When Hiring a Baler

June 10, 2023

X25 Baler

At Wastech Engineering, we know the idea of hiring equipment to reduce your business’s carbon footprint is a good one. However, it is imperative that you also consider said equipment’s own impact when making a choice. Therefore, it pays to consider the environmental impact of using a baler. This will help you in using less power, reducing power wastage and helping your business continue along the eco-friendly path.


Environmental Impact of Using a Baler

Before looking at five environmental considerations to make when hiring a baler, let’s first look at why. Presumably, the aim of using an eco-friendly baler is to reduce the space your cardboard, plastic or e-waste takes up. Perhaps you plan to repurpose your waste. For example, your cardboard can be repurposed as a secondary material to make new wood fibre products. Either way, it makes sense that the equipment you’re using to achieve these goals should also be run as efficiently as possible. That’s why you’ll want to consider the five points below.


The Power It Uses

The first thing to consider is what you need to do with it. This will dictate the power usage. Typically, the most well-known recyclable materials using balers are cardboard and plastic. However, balers are also suitable for e-waste and even some metals.


Choosing the Right Size Baler

The power issue leads to choosing the right size baler. We supply our clients with small, medium, large and specialist balers, meaning there is one for every purpose. While small vertical balers are suitable for areas with limited space, while medium and large will be for larger volumes and more heavy-duty requirements. Specialist balers are used for dealing with materials such as drums and tins.4


The By-Products it Produces

This point comes down to quality. Some balers produce a lot of dust and others produce excess noise. If you’re unlucky, you may get both. It is best to do some research or talk to professionals who can point you in the right direction. If not, you may end up creating problems rather than solving them.


Choosing the Right Type

Balers are of the vertical or horizontal variety. Which you choose will depend upon your needs. Generally speaking, vertical balers take up less space while horizontal balers demand a larger footprint but can handle more accordingly. We recommend discussing your needs with our professional staff to make the correct choice.


The Materials it is Made 

Balers can be, but are not always, made using recyclables in the building process of the machine. Wastech Engineering is committed to sustainability and fabricates equipment using power generated from our own 85kw solar array. This affords our customers both savings and an eco-friendly product.

There are a few things to keep in mind buying or hiring a baler in Australia. Factors such as reducing power wastage and choosing the right size baler are imperative to minimising your environmental impact. Trust Wastech Engineering to point you in the direction of ecofriendly balers. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form now and let the experts help you make the right choice!



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