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Fire Suppression System for Extinguishing Battery Fires

January 7, 2022

Fire Suppression System for Extinguishing Battery Fires

Commercial waste and manufacturing facilities that handle lithium batteries are at risk of encountering battery fires every day. Lithium-ion batteries are used in laptops, cell phones, electric vehicles and many other consumer products. They provide high-energy-density to power these products. However, that energy creates a fire hazard when the batteries and products are stored or discarded.

If your facility handles lithium batteries, you need a proven way to reduce the risk of fires. The Fire Rover is an effective lithium battery fire suppression system.

Why Lithium Battery Fires Pose a Significant Threat

Lithium battery fires are difficult to predict, control and extinguish. A facility that handles lithium batteries must understand the special risks they undertake. For example, lithium batteries:

  • Have an unpredictable burn pattern.
  • Can explode due to overheating or short-circuits.
  • Easily ignite due to overheating.
  • Leave behind combustible, toxic residue.
  • Create combustion gases that rise and carry the fire upwards.
  • Contaminate other goods and products when they burn.

Lithium battery fires threaten your facility’s operations and the entire surrounding environment. A fire that starts small can quickly spread through your entire facility, and the gases produced in the fire can combust even after extinguishing the source.

Dangers of Using Water on Lithium Battery Fires

Many facilities assume their existing fire sprinkler system is a suitable fire suppression system for battery rooms. Lithium is highly reactive with water. Trying to extinguish a battery fire with water will only make it worse. So, although water has long been heralded as the fire suppression agent of choice, it is not suitable for lithium battery fires. Not to mention, water can destroy other machines and consumer goods in your facility.

An Effective Fire Suppression System for Battery Rooms

Knowing the dangers of using water on lithium battery fires, you need an effective alternative. Lithium battery fires require special suppression agents to avoid a dangerous chemical reaction. That’s what the Fire Rover automated F500 encapsulating agent battery fire suppression system delivers.

How the Fire Rover Suppression System Works

The Fire Rover system used military-grade thermal detection and high-definition video to monitor your facility for spikes in thermal activity and warning signs of a fire. When it detects a threat, the system alerts the Fire Rover monitoring station for verification. If a fire has started, the Fire Rover automatically shoots the F500 encapsulating agent mixed with water at the area to stop the fire before it spreads. The Fire Rover system monitors your facility 24/7 and can stop fires in minutes.

Custom Fire Suppression Solution for Your Battery Rooms

If your company frequently handles lithium batteries, you need an effective fire suppression system and protocols in place to extinguish fires quickly. Wastech Engineering can help you develop a personalised fire suppression plan. We supply and install fire suppression systems in Australia and New Zealand to keep commercial and industrial facilities safe. Enquire about the Fire Rover system and your protocols by calling us on 1800 465 465.

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