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Rent Vs Buy – Waste Compactor

October 14, 2021

Should You Rent or Buy a Waste Compactor?

For businesses that generate a lot of aluminium, commingled, plastic or organic waste, a waste compactor can become an integral part of operations. But, this heavy-duty waste management equipment requires a large capital investment. In many cases, compactor rental is a better choice for your business in the long run.

Wastech Engineering supplies businesses across Australia with custom waste management solutions and machines. We design and manufacture quality waste compactors, and we offer a flexible compactor rental program too. Both options are great for the right business, but how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s break it down.

When Should You Purchase a Waste Compactor?

Purchasing a garbage compactor is a great move for your company in the direction of waste management and sustainability! However, if you’re new to the world of corporate waste management, you might want to get to know our range of compactors before you make a decision.

When Wastech Engineering talks to any new client about purchasing a garbage compactor, we always encourage you to rent until you know exactly what you need. Garbage compactors come with a wide range of features designed for specific kinds of waste. If you purchase a compactor outright without testing the waters with a few different models, you might discover that you could have benefitted from a different size, design or feature.

In addition to customising the features of your machine, the other advantage to owning a garbage compactor is equity for your business.

Compactor Rental Is Not More Expensive

Most businesses, especially those new to waste management, prefer the cost savings of our compactor rental program. Over time, renting a garbage compactor can save you lots of money on maintenance costs, equipment upgrades and taxes.

  • Maintenance Costs – When you rent a compactor, Wastech takes care of all the maintenance for you. We deliver it to your site fully serviced to reduce operational risk.
  • Equipment Upgrades – At the end of your compactor lease, you can upgrade to the newest model. Alternatively, you can downsize or see if a different feature suits you better.
  • Tax Advantages – Operational leases are tax-deductible, which means your company can write off the entire lease expense at the end of the year.

Renting a compactor also saves your company from potential resale risks. Since you always have access to the latest equipment, you never have to worry about trying to recoup your investment.

There’s a Garbage Compactor for Everything

Whether you know what kind of compactor you need and are ready to purchase, or you want to try a compactor rental to find what features support your waste management processes, Wastech Engineering can help. Our top-quality compactors can efficiently process organics, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminium and commingled waste.

In addition to your compactor, our team can help you design a customised waste management solution that suits your needs and budget. To get started, call Wastech Engineering on 1800 465 465 or browse our range of garbage compactors online.

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