What role does crushing and screening equipment play in the mining industry?

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What role does crushing and screening equipment play in the mining industry?

October 4, 2021

Crushing and Screening in the Mining Industry

Every year, the mining and quarrying industries produce billions of tonnes of stone. Most of this stone is used for construction material, aggregates, sand and other commercial uses, so processing it is very important. Crushing and screening equipment makes processing and reusing this stone possible. Building roads and constructing bridges wouldn’t be possible without these pieces of equipment.


To process stones most efficiently, you have to choose your crushing and screening equipment carefully. That’s why Wastech Engineering put together this guide – to help you understand crushing and screening equipment and what kinds of machines will work for your job requirements.


About Crushing and Screening Equipment

Crushing and screening equipment work together to process rock waste from mining and quarrying operations. Rocks extracted from mines and quarries are done so in big chunks, so the crushing and screening process makes the rocks easier to transport, process and transform into whatever they will be used for.


While crushing and screening equipment form a power team when used together, they are actually two separate categories.


Crushing Equipment

Crushing equipment uses force to turn large pieces of rock waste into smaller, manageable pieces. There are different types of crushers for various sizes of materials. Horizontal Shaft Impact crushers for breaking up the initial larger rocks into more manageable sizes. Vertical Shaft Impact crushers are used to reduce large aggregates into smaller, cubical shaped aggregates.

Screening Equipment

After the rock waste passes through the crusher, screening equipment sorts the small rock pieces into groups of similarly sized material. Screening equipment works similarly to a sieve, where the smaller particles pass through the screen, and the larger ones remain on top.


There are also several different kinds of screening machines used for various materials. In the mining industry, there are many shapes, sizes and densities of rocks. To get the best results with your screening equipment, you must consider the screen material, size, slope, openings, number of decks and force of vibration.


Pilot Crushtec Equipment

Wastech Engineering is the exclusive distributor of Pilot Crushtec static crushing and screening equipment in Australia. Pilot Crushtec was founded in South Africa in 1990. Since then, it has been a leading supplier of quarrying and mining equipment to the world’s top operations.


Wastech distributes Pilot Crushtec’s HSI Crushers, VSI Crushers, Deck Screens, Modular Conveyors, Feed Hoppers and more. These machines are ideal for industrial businesses dealing with hard rock crushing, mixed demolition debris, crushed or broken concrete, asphalt, river rock, aggregate and other rock waste material.


Choosing the Right Crushing Equipment

Not all crushing and screening equipment is the best match for every type of rock. Material hardness, desired output, mobility requirements and part quality all play a role in what equipment your company needs.


To learn more about Pilot Crushtec’s crushing and screening equipment, call Wastech Engineering on 1800 465 465 or learn more on our website.

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