Introduction to high-volume waste management equipment

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Introduction to high-volume waste management equipment

November 17, 2021

Commercial High-Volume Waste Management Equipment

From balers to de-packaging systems, compactors and bin lifters, waste management in the modern age requires incredible feats of engineering and specialised equipment. For over 25 years, Wastech Engineering has been the leading supplier of custom waste management and recycling solutions in Australia and New Zealand. We provide commercial and industrial facilities with the machines they need to more effectively manage waste, reduce their environmental impact and put their capital to better use.

Why Should You Care About Waste Management?

Retail stores, hotels, apartment buildings, grocery stores, restaurants, office buildings, factories and other businesses contribute far more waste to landfills than individuals and families. We can help reduce this by taking more care in how we dispose of our waste.

Establishing better waste management practices requires four steps:

  1. Efficient collection and better landfill sites
  2. Better waste sorting processes
  3. Expansion of recycling initiatives
  4. Using waste as a resource

Better Waste Management Equipment Can Help

What if we told you that executing this four-step waste management process wouldn’t take any more work from your company or employees? Wastech Engineering’s range of waste management equipment does just this. Our machines streamline your disposal, storage and waste transport processes. You can continue to dispose of wet and dry waste as you usually do, and you can count on our machines to do the heavy lifting for you.

A Look at Wastech’s High-Volume Waste Management Solutions

Below, we’ve outlined our most popular machines for waste management, compacting, recycling, sorting and more.

Balers and Compactors

Balers and compactors use metal rams to compact large volumes of waste.

  • Vertical Balers: Great for cardboard, plastic, e-waste and even metals, vertical balers compact waste materials into shippable bales for easy storage and transport.
  • Horizontal Balers: Ideal for large volumes of waste, horizontal balers crush and compact cardboard, plastics and other wet and dry waste materials.
  • Waste Compactors: Wastech has a range of compactors for light, medium and high-density waste, organics and recyclable materials. These machines efficiently divert recyclables from landfills, contributing to sustainability.

De-Packaging Systems

De-packaging systems efficiently remove packaging from a wide range of materials – separate paper from gypsum in plasterboard, organics from packaging in food waste and general foodstuffs from their packaging. These machines allow you to recycle the packaging and keep plastic, cardboard, paper and metals out of landfills.

Bins & Lifters

Wastech’s bins and bin lifters work together to provide the ideal on-site disposal process. Bin lifters use mechanics to empty the contents of small garbage bins into larger waste receptacles. You can place plastic garbage bins all over your worksite and make one easy trip to the lifter at the end of the day.

How to Get a Better Waste Management System at Your Site

No matter where you work and what kinds of waste you deal with, Wastech Engineering has a high-volume waste management and recycling solution for you. We provide custom-manufactured machines and waste management equipment for hire. Talk to our team about your needs to find a solution that works for you on 1800 465 465 or browse our entire product range online.

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